Caravan Courtesies

  1. Show courtesy and consideration to all with whom you come in contact so that the goodwill of the WBCCI is enhanced.
  2. Dispose of all rubbish by the means provided.
  3. Collect gray-water in the proper receptacle on rally grounds. Dispose of it in the proper manner
  4. Be courteous and considerate toward committee workers for they are volunteers.
  5. Keep pets under control at all times. Clean up after them. Pets should not be in hospitality area.
  6. When running generators, confine their use to appropriate places and times.
  7. Wear WBCCI name badges at all times when at WBCCI activities or on caravans.
  8. Let the officers and committee have the benefit of your ideas for the general improvement of the club.
  9. Keeps the area around trailer/motorhome clean at all times.
  10. Keep all clothing and laundry hung inside trailer/motorhome, NEVER outside on ropes or wires.
  11. Advise neighboring trailers/motorhome of intent to disconnect water or power.
  12. Protect others’ water supply and keeps hoses out of the dirt.
  13. Bring a fair share to the potlucks. Bring generous portions for the dinners, for we are one big family.
  14. Makes a point of getting acquainted with new members and make them welcome.
  15. Be considerate by not smoking at meetings or meals, etc.