Our Unit 120 Flag

Alberta-Saskatchewan Unit Emblem


At the Spring Buddy Rally in Watrous, SK we passed a motion to change out club name to Alberta Saskatchewan Canada Airstream Club.  The name will be submitted to WBCCI for approval and the flag will be modified to include “Canada Airstream Club” in the original flag design.  The original design was proposed by Region 10 First Lady Hazel Knopp, a member of the Alberta-Saskatchewan Canada Unit and was endorsed by the Unit at the last meeting of 2011. The modifications were adopted and passed at the HAB rally in Lewistown, Montana 2018.

Please refer to minutes for Spring Buddy Rally – Watrous, SK and HAB in Lewistown, MT 2018 for these motions regarding the flag revisions.

The old flag is to remain in the new design and we have opted to just add the rest of the club name at the bottom.  

Corla McGillivray has submitted the following image to present to the executive… If approved it will be submitted by Bob Caldwell for WBCCI approval and then we can order any flags needed for the club.

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